There are times when feelings of anxiety, depression, panic and despair can be clearly related to a variety of events in life such as the loss of a loved one, the difficulty of divorce, parenting problems during the adolescent years, serious illness, sudden redundancy to name a few.

At other times we are aware of continuous feelings of low mood. We lack energy, feel directionless, disappointed with life but cannot understand why. In the absence of answers we often we turn to partners, family and friends which can offer momentary relief but can also end in feeling misunderstood, criticised and guilty. To talk to someone who is trained and occupies a non-judgemental position in a confidential space can often bring a sense of immediate relief. 

My particular approach seeks to get to the root of difficulties which are often concealed beneath what is obvious. I take a specific interest in your childhood and teenage years to understand, with you, how certain beliefs and attitudes have continued to have a lasting and unhelpful impression in your life. 

Gaining insight opens up feelings of confidence, choice and hope for change.

I am trained to help with a wide range of difficulties. The following is a sample:

  • Feelings of depression and low mood
  • Difficulties due to a lack of self confidence and self esteem
  • Work related stress
  • Parenting difficulties, family conflict and sibling rivalry
  • Experience of childhood sexual abuse
  • Loss and bereavement 
  • Difficulties in establishing friends and relationships
  • The emotional impact of University study, dyslexia and performance
  • Stress related to illnesses such as ME, eating disorders and cancer