About Me

I am a qualified psychodynamic counsellor and psychotherapist having gained my MSc (merit) at Birkbeck college, University of London, a highly regarded course in the field of therapy.

June Weisberg Central London and Blackheath Counselling

My background is in managing at senior levels in large organisations delivering services to the public. My work received national recognition in terms of awards and confirmed my belief in the importance of listening sympathetically and thinking analytically. I came to appreciate how anxiety and anger can easily be stirred by disappointments with managers, pressures to perform, balancing work and family life.

Stress whether at home or at work stretches our capacity to cope. A good nights sleep becomes difficult, repetitive colds become frequent and at worst this stress can lead to serious illnesses such as chronic fatigue (ME) and absenteeism from work. Personal/family relationships suffer and what can feel like an inescapable cycle of disappointment and despair is set in motion.

Apart from my private practice, I have provided therapy in a specialist NHS service for clients with a background of childhood sexual abuse and severe early neglect. I have experience of working with university students coping with pressures of academic excellence and clients from multi-ethnic backgrounds covering a wide range of difficulties.